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Saturday, January 21, 2006

My City...Mexico City

As I started working on this last Saturday, I realized I didn't have any digital photos of my city. So...what did I do? Did I run out and take beautiful shots of my house, my neighborhood, my favorite spots, our best tourist attractions? No! I went to my Google Earth! Why leave the computer when the world is at my fingertips. So...thanks to Google Earth ( --free!)..

Here is my apartment complex. My building is the first X on the right behind an H type building. You can also see the "country" club across the street. I'm not a member.

I live very near the National University (UNAM). You can see the stadium on the left. We go there every two weeks to our soccer teams home game (Goya! Goya! Pumas!). This isn't the complete university. It's the largest in Latin America. My husband (an astronomer) works there and my son (a matematician-computer geek) studies there. I got my MA there ages ago.

On weekends we go to our "weekend retreat", it isn't out of town, it's downtown. We built a small house in my husband's family "complex" where his sister and her husband, mother and two aunts have houses. That way we're with them and don't have to travel so much. It is a great way to relax since I don't associate it with "work". We have a patio, terrace and even a "solarium".
However, I really prefer the south of the city....

This is the c
enter of Coyoacan...a colonial city that was absorbed by Mexico City. It's not far from my house. You can see the gardens and the church. Here the Spanish Conqueror Hernan Cortes and many of his fellow "conquistadores" built houses to live in while Tenochitlan was cleaned up (lots of dead bodies....). Cortes even built a house for his wife (the Spanish one, not the Indian one), nearby...but not too nearby.

This is the pyramid of Cuicuilco. It isn't far from my house (by car). It is a very old pyramid and the only circular pyramid in Mexico. It was covered by lava when the nearby volcano, Xitle, erupted (around 300AD). Supposedly the inhabitants of this area moved north and soon after their arrival the civilzation in Teotihuacan (the BIG pyramids) picked up.

Just to finish up, here are two other "jewels" in Mexico City. They aren't really near my house and, typically, I only visit them when we have international travelers to show around.

This is the Anthropology Museum in Chapultepec Park. In the little round area in front, the "Voladores de Papantla" jump off a high pole and, to the sound of flute and drums, float down to the earth, like around a maypole.

This is the Zocalo. The heart of the city. The cathedral is to the left and the National Palace is to its right, both at the top of the plaza. They were built on the ruins of the Aztec city of Tenochitlan (which was a city built on a lake). Both of these buildings are sinking into the earth since ground water has been drawn out for many years. Modern engineering is trying to save them.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little tour.


Anonymous susana canelo said...

I enjoyed the tour, but you should add more pictures from the ground, What you see when you're walking around (not just satellite pictures) jejeje. But it's great anyway.
I'm Susana Canelo. From Argentina

8:35 PM  
Blogger Claudia Bellusci said...

Hey, we Argentinians are everywhere! But, contrary to what Susana said, I just loved your idea of putting satellite pictures in your blog. May I borrow it?
Besos para Luismi!!! from an Argentinian fan, Claudia

10:23 PM  
Blogger Janina said...

Very, very cool. Zipped right over to and - agh - I don't have Mac OS 10.4 yet. Am I tempted to go get it just because...? Yup! :-)

Nice intro to your city too. Satellite pics do make a city look different but it's def a cool angle. I want some, I want some!!

11:18 PM  
Blogger selga_roze said...

Pretty impressive!!! For me the comment about the circular pyramid meant the most because recently I have been reading a lot about the history of Mexico and all the ancient constructions... Plus I am slowly progressing with my Spanish and Latin dancing, so I can go there one day and check it out for myself :)

Selga from Latvia

2:58 PM  
Blogger Naeko said...

Hi, Joann!

How cool to look at your city from the satellite! It is a unique idea :-) I will go check the website now!

Your city looks very lovely from the sky!!


10:50 PM  
Blogger Berta said...

Hi JoAnn, I certainly enjoyed the tour and was surprised by the "weekend retreat" downtown. I love maps and Google Earth is just a jewel capturing "real" maps in an instant.
My husband has been going back and forth from Caracas to Mexico City lately. He has some projects with Pemex and wants me to spend sometime with him there, so we might meet f2f one day (your name sounds very familiar, not just from last year EVO but probably from Mextesol or Mextesol Journal).
Warm regards, Berta

11:07 PM  
Blogger rddietrich said...

Hi, Love all your photos. It is an interesting view of the city. Also really like your blog. I'll be back to visit.
Beijinhos, Ramona

3:00 PM  

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