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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The weather....

Mexico City has very strange seasons. We officially have winter, spring, summer and fall, but they aren't our real seasons.

December and early January are least for us. It gets down to single digits (Centigrade) at night and around 18-23 during the day. We are in the mountains. It wouldn't be bad, but no houses are heated and insullation is unknown. Windows don't close tightly and you can see light under the we put on more and more clothes.

February is crazy (Febrero loco).... It could be hot, cold, windy, dusty, rainy...or? Anything gives. We used to have really bad dust storms with the dust blowing off the dry lakes...but now the lakes are covered with houses and it isn't as dusty.

Marzo is also crazy (Marzo otro poco)... similar to February, but a little less.

April-June---hot and dry. It gets warmer every day as we get to June and it starts getting humid. The highs can be in the 30s. It starts getting cloudy every afternoon, but no rain....

June-October-- The rainy season. The old folks say it used to rain at 4 in the afternoon every day. Now it just rains in the afternoon or evening. Sometimes very, very hard. Some areas flood. The whole city used to flood since much is built on lakes ("the land doesn't forget it was once a lake." The mornings are crisp and clear. Sunny all day and sometimes hot (high 20s). It starts to cloud over around 2 and rains in the afternoon. It's my favorite season...

October - December-- It starts drying out and getting colder. It's nice though, since everything is green...

Well, that's our year here. Very predictable....


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